Our Story

Why Mead??

Our passion for mead started many years ago after receiving our first bottle of mead from Kuhnhenn Brewing Company in Warren, Michigan. That bottle of Bourbon Barrel Banana French Toast was like nothing we had ever tried before. and because of it's limited production size, there was no way to get more. We had to find something closer to home that could satisfy our new found craving. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything produced locally or easily available. We were left with one option. Learn to make our own!

First Production Meads


In 2016 we begin our production mead journey. After acquiring licenses to distribute beer and wine, we decided to work with Golden Coast Mead in Oceanside, California to have one of our first mead made at a production facility. The initial plan was to only make one mead, but when the opportunity arose to do some barrel aging, it was hard to say pass that by. Over the next 6 months, we produced "Prelude", our traditional Orange Blossom mead, and two (2) barrel aged versions, "OBB" and "Orange in the Rye". All three of those would go on to win awards, with "Orange in the Rye" taking "Best in Show" at the 2017 Orpheaus Mead Festival in Denver, Colorado.

Building Our New Home


After listening to the reception that we received from both customers and competitions, we decided it was time to find a home of our own.  We scouted numerous locations and were lucky enough to find a street front spot on the La Palma Beer Trail. Not only that, we're next door to some good friends of our at All-American Aleworks. How cool is that!

The Journey Continues..


Our goal is to use the best honey, fruit, and spices available to us. We love to make meads that can be enjoyed on a variety of occasions and that can be paired with all types of food. We have no fear when it comes to styles, making everything from 5.5% ABV hydromels to big 19% sack meads, dry to dessert sweet, fruited to spiced, and traditional to barrel aged. We want to open up the eyes of craft beverage drinkers to mead. Look for our pilot tap to always have something different coming out of it. With our four pilot tanks, we aim to have at least 1 new things on tap every week. Come by the tasting room and have a flight. We have something for everyone.