About Honey Pot Meadery

We were unexpectedly introduced to mead a little over 5 years ago, and since then we haven’t been able to get enough. At the time, the selection and variety of meads available in Southern California was extremely limited. To satiate our appetite for mead we started to make our own at home and we began to share our creations with friends and family. What started as a hobby quickly evolved into so much more.

Honey Pot started in mid-2014 as just a dream, we wanted to share our love and passion for mead with as many people as we could. Little more than a year later we pitched our first batch of mead and ordered our first barrels, all with the help of our friends at Golden Coast Mead in Oceanside, California.

Mead comes in all flavors and contrasts, colors and sweetnesses. At Honey Pot Meadery, we want to bring as many of those variations to our community.



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